Remember that guy that is kinda responsible for blowing up the old world well his name is Archeon and pretty much the reason i play AOS. I have set myself the goal to use him in every list i make so I am trying him in every way possible.

The Warscroll

The man has a killer warscroll with a full page of abilities and only losing some attacks and movement.


MOVE: 14-12-10-8-6

SAVE 3+ 



The Slayer of Kings    1″ 4 2+ 3+ R-2 D3

Monstrous Claws       1″ 2 2+ 3+ R-2  D D6

Lashing Tails              3″ 2D6 4+ 3+ R-  D1

Three Heads               3″ 6-5-4-3  3+ 3+ R-1  D 2


Due to the nature of him to be playable in almost any chaos army gives him access to a lot of spells. Here are some personal recommendations. 

Slaves To Darkness.

Mask of Darkness

  • Because he does have a lot of movement it does happen a lot that he can be locked or on the wrong spot of the table so having the ability to reposition is never a bad thing.

Call to Glory  

  • you know what archeon is really good at. Killing monsters and heroes. So a spell that lets you roll any to hit and to wound to try getting the slayer of kings off should always be kept in mind.

Ruinous Vigour

  • while archeon doesn’t drop to hard when wounded getting reduced to 6″movement does mean he can’t jump over units with his 6.5″ base. acting like nothing ever happens can safe you a lot of trouble.



  • are you expecting something here?



Because he has the mortal and demon keywords he has access to both spell lores.

Mortal spells

Arcane suggestion

  • This spell lets you do 3 different things with a range of 18″. D3 mortal wounds , make a unit -1 to hit and to wound and -1 on safe. a good  range and a lot of versatility good for character sniping and weakening key targets.

Shield of Fate

  • Depending on your destiny pool you get reroll armor safes and a extra spell protection. so say no to hand of dust.

Infusion Arcanum 

  • Easy +1 to hit and to wound for 5cv hit harder = more value.

Treacherous Bond 

  • Pick a MORTAL unit wholly within 9″ and pass on wounds on a +3 giveing archeon a potential 40 extra wounds with a block of 40 Tzeentch marauders. 

Deamon spells

Most of the deamon spells are target buff spells so generally better on your other wizards but here are some that work well on and from Archeon.

Treason of Tzeentch

  • Roll a dice based on the models in the unit for every 6 deal one mortal wound if it kills a model the unit get -1 to hit in combat, charge with Archaeon and they will be hitting you on -2 thanks to the disciples of tzeentch

Arcane Transformation

  • Target a hero and give it +1 movement and bravery or add one attack to one of his weapons. extra movement or and extra attack on the murder sword count me in.












Pros & Cons


+ Versatile

+ solid combination of protections  

–  Is a big commitment 

–  The enormous base does make it hard to get it in some places

–  Gos down quick to -2 weapons

Hobby Notes

Have you ever seen the model its knee stabbing great.  That being said i do recommend pinning him to the base or giving him extra support because the only thing keeping him up are 3 very small contact points.

Honest Goblin