This is the best unit in the Swifthawk Agents arsenal. basically Shooting then moving away.

In-Game Guide

Don’t be baited into moving these bad boys too close to your intended target as they will not cope with any reasonable attack. where this unit shines is in its “Swift Volleys” and “Aelven Purebreds” abilities. basically you can move before or and more importantly after you shoot (only in the shooting phase) by 2d6″

basically you want to “kite” your opponent with these guys

The Warscroll

2 wounds and 5+ save means these guys don’t stick around long once they are caught..

though a standard unit of 5 will fire off 15 shots at a range of 16″

Units That Synergise With It

Skywardens for bonuses to wound.

High Warden for reroll on the charge(not that you would)


RIP “Guardians of the Dawnspire” no more shooting in the hero Phase

How to Use the Unit in Game

use to hit and run.. also kite your opponent all game

Hobby Notes

Purchase: only available in the Dawnspire Boxed set or the 8th edition fantasy boxed set.. but can be gotten second hand.

Honest Goblin


2nd Legion

Team QLD