“A Tzaangor Shaman is an agent of change in Tzeentch’s service. 
With dark magics the Shaman grants a boon of mutation to his 
foes, transforming them as they writhe and scream into a more 
pleasing form – that of a Tzaangor” 

What a cracking hero for Tzeentch.

Mega swift/flies, buffs Tzaangor Skyfires/Tzaangor Enlightened units with it’s mere proximity and is a wizard in it’s own right. 

There’s many a reason they’ve been seen in successful Tzeentch builds over the various editions of Age of Sigmar.
From the dark days of Skyfire spam, to the more recent Beast of Chaos Tzaangor and Ungor horde builds. 

The Warscroll

At 160 pts this is a very well costed hero, with an interesting stat distribution. 

Movement 16″ and ability to fly courtesy of the Disc of Tzeentch they ride, you’ll struggle to find a swifter hero in the game. 

6 wounds is a decent amount for a support hero also. 

The balance comes from a poor saving throw of a 5+ and a Bravery of 6. 
6 wounds isn’t going to be much defence against any unit in the game with such a low saving throw and it’s low Bravery will make this lover of change susceptible to any Bravery based damage like Flesh Eater Court Terrorghiests or the new Ossiarch Bonereaper Mortek Crawlers special ammunition. 

Using this hero will reward the forward thinker and cautious deployer. 

Not too shabby in combat, with 3 melee profiles you’ll be able to do up to 14 wounds if you roll like a god.
However your attacks all hit on 4s. You can expect 3-4 wounding hits from this chap/chapette in melee. Situationally useful if you need to attack a support hero perhaps, you can fly to get to, but otherwise you’ll want to keep this Disc surfing chick out of combat. 


Sorcerous Elixir: 

Once per battle, in your hero phase, this 
model can attempt to cast one additional 
spell. If it does so, you can re-roll one or 
both of the dice when you make the casting 
roll for that spell.

In a game where consistency is key to winning, this could well come in really useful. The option to roll 1 or both dice is particularly clutch, especially given the strength of the Tzeentch Lore spells. 

Visions of the Future:

Add 1 to hit rolls for attacks made 
with a friendly Tzaangor Skyfire 
unit’s Arrows of Fate while that unit 
is wholly within 12″ of a friendly 
Tzaangor Shaman.

Visions of the Past:

Add 1 to hit rolls for attacks made with a 
friendly Tzaangor Enlightened unit’s 
Tzeentchian Spears and Vicious Beaks 
while that unit is wholly within 12″ of a 
friendly Tzaangor Shaman.

Both these abilities are straight up baller and one of the main reasons Tzaangor Shamans see so much play in non-Changehost Tzeentch builds. 


Only a single caster/unbinder/dispeller other than their one off ability to cast again. 

Boon of Mutation:

Boon of Mutation has a casting value of 7. If 
successfully cast, pick an enemy unit within 
18″ of the caster and visible to them. That 
unit suffers D3 mortal wounds. For each 
enemy model slain by these mortal wounds, 
you can add 1 new Tzaangor model to a 
single friendly Tzaangors unit. Each new 
Tzaangor model must be set up wholly 
within 12″ of the caster and within 1″ of the 
unit they are being added to.

Mortal wounds at range that help bolster your own Tzaangor units, solid spell that could come in really handy to improve a Tzaangors movement by virtue of adding the new models to the front of the direction you wish them to travel in, or help hold/take an objective. 

Units That Synergise With It

Lord of Change/Exalted Greater Daemon of Tzeentch:

Both these heroes have the Command Ability ‘Beacon of Sorcery’, that adds 1 to the casts and unbinds of Daemons of Tzeentch with 18″ of the Lord of Change and 24″ of the Greater Daemon of Tzeentch until their next hero phase.
This Command Ability can also be spammed, armies with the Aetherquartz Brooch love this, all the consistency.
Thanks to the Shaman riding a Disc of Tzeentch, our Shaman can make good use of this, especially in the turn when they decide to cast 2 spells. 
Useful for getting an unbind for a key spell into range and not having to commit your more expensive Lords of Change, should the situation arise for caution. 

Kairos Fateweaver:

This spicy unique hero knows all the spells of other Chaos Wizards within 18″ and can cast them more reliably, thanks to his casts having the lowest dice roll increased to the highest. You could extent the coverage of the Tzaangor Shaman‘s spell, casting through Fateweaver. 
He also synergises with every Tzeentch unit. Once during the game, you can change a dice rolled to any number you desire, other than priority rolls.
Could be used to make sure you cast Wildfire Taurus with your Tzaangor Shaman, or prevent it being unbound/dispelled.
Or change a failed save roll to a 6 to keep you on an objective in Arcane Places of Power. 
Lots of potential uses here. 
If you have taken any Skyfires or Enlightened (likely in builds with Tzaangor Shamans) and they’ve taken casualties, you could cast Fold Reality (see spells) on them and guarantee returning 6 of them to the fight! 

Phantasmagoria Great Bray Shaman:

Thanks to their ‘Infuse with Bestial Vigour’ ability, you can add 3″ to your Shaman’s already impressive movement if you start your movement phase wholly within 12″ of any friendly Great Bray Shamans. Tzeentch aren’t able to ally in Beast of Chaos units, so the only way to add this hero is to include it in a Phantasmagoria of Fate Battalion where all the Beast units within gain the Tzeentch keyword. 

Phantasmagoria Ghrashrak Fellhoof:

Fellhoof is also a Great Bray Shaman, so has all the benefits of the above.
Plus this hero has a great spell in Savage Bolt. Pick an enemy unit within 18″, they take d3 mortal wounds, but also your units will get plus 1 to hit against them.
Nice enough on our Shaman, but the real synergy is when it stacks with your Shamans ability to add  plus 1 to hit for your Skyfires and Enlightened.
Useful against those builds that love a debuff like Gloomspite Gitz, Nurgle or any build with Geminids etc. 

Units it Synergises With


Units of Tzaangor wholly within 12″ of any Arcanite hero will gain plus 1 to their wound rolls as they have the ‘Destined Mayhem’ ability.
Our Avian friend has this Keyword and by virtue of their swift movement and flying disc, are a much easier hero to move into position to make use of this ability. 
30 plus 1 to wound Tzaangor hit like a tonne of bricks. 

They also come with Ornate Totems, in your hero phase pick a visible enemy units within 18″ and roll a dice for each wizard your Tzaangor are within 9″ of. On a 4 plus that enemy unit takes a wound. You’ll likely be close because of the above and are a wizard, free mortal wounds! 

Don’t forget the Shaman’s spell that can bolster this unit with up to 3 Tzaangor also… Adding reach to their melee threat range, or allowing you to get extra models near objectives if engaged. 

Tzaangor Skyfires/Enlightened:

The Skyfires will get plus 1 to hit to their ranged weapons and the Enlightened will add 1 to hit to all of their melee profiles, if they are within 9″ of our Shaman. Just solid. 

Kairic Acolytes:

Add 1 to the hit rolls of this units Sorcerous Bolts, thank to their Gesalt Sorcery rule when within 9″ of them and being an Arcanite hero. 

Massed Kairic fire isn’t too shabby, esp with our feathered friends around. 

Allegiance Abilities

Master of Destiny: 

After set-up but before rolling for first turn, roll nine dice and bank them as “Destiny Dice” that you can use in place of casting, unbinding, run, charge, to hit, wound, save, damage, or battleshock rolls. You must use one Destiny Dice per die, so to completely control a charge, you must use two Destiny Dice. At any moment, your army can’t have more than nine dice.

May come in handy for a save roll to keep you alive, but these dice are probably more useful elsewhere. 
Most likely use will be to cast or unbind an important spell. 

Summon Daemons of Tzeentch: 

As of AoS2 summoning Daemons by Spells and using Reinforcement Points are no longer things but have been replaced with the following. To summon Daemons you must spend Fate Points which are generated when either player successfully casts a spell without it getting unbound. You must have at least ten Fate Points to be allowed to summon and after that, you can summon as many units you have points for at the end of the movement phase, set up wholly within 12″ of a Tzeentch Hero and more than 9″ from any enemy units.

We are a wizard, so will help to contribute to summoning over the game. 

Command Traits:

There are actually two tables to pick Command Traits from for your Shaman, if you opt to take one as your armies general, as they have both the Arcanite and Daemon keyword.

Arcanite Command Traits:


Allows your Hero to know two more spells from the Lore of Fate. 

Give this a miss.. 

Nexus of Fate:

Roll a dice at the start of your Hero phase, you can (but don’t have to) replace one of your Destiny Dice with rolls of 1 or 6. 

Worth considering if you also have Pink Horrors.
Rolling a 6 is always useful, but the 1s will come in clutch for regenerating your Horrors in the battleshock phase.
A 33% chance of something beneficial happening each hero phase is decent.

Magical Supremacy:

Increases dispel range to forty-two inches for your general. 

Being able to use your Destiny Dice and stop a key spell from 42″ away is a demoralising prospect for your opponents and will give you a lovely sense of control. Strong choice. 

Boundless Mutation:

Hero phase on a 2+ d3 wounds are healed but if a 1 is rolled Hero takes a wound and if it kills him he becomes a Spawn. 

The perverts choice. 

Cult Demagogue:

+2 Bravery to all Tzeentch Arcanites within 9″.

Builds with hordes of Tzaangor or Kairic Acolytes would benefit from this. Currently not really seen though. Most likely a hard pass. 

Arcane Sacrifice:

In the Hero phase you can deal d3 Mortal wounds on a friendly unit. If you do so then your hero gets +9 to range and re-rolls to cast. 

Tzeentch have access to some really strong Lore spells. You could pop yourself on a Balewind Vortex increasing your spell range by 11″ (6″ from the Vortex and 5″ from its placement), then cast your signature spell for d3 mortal wounds and say Bolt of Change for a further d6 mortal wounds. Total threat range would be 38″, plus you have the fly keyword, so can see into pesky Overgrown terrain and Slyvaneth Wildwoods. Difficult to hide from. 

Another strong choice if you have Pink Horrors in your army. Use on them for up to 6 free Blue Horror summoning points. Then later, regrow them back using your 1s from your Destiny Dice pool. You can even exceed the starting number of Horrors. 


Daemon Command Traits:

Some are just copies of the above, so I’ll list the additional options here.. 

Daemonic Spark:

Once per battle, your General increases damage of his melee weapons by one for the rest of the turn. 

With such a meh melee profile, don’t take this on your Shamans, unless you are trying to teach a friend or small child how to play and plan on throwing the game. 

Incorporeal Form:

Enemy units subtract one from all to hit rolls in the Combat Phase when they target the General.

Again, your General most likely wants nothing to do with melee, but if you want to help him survive if he gets stuck in, you can do much worse than this.

Aether Tether:

Re-rolling saves of one.

Nah.. In the bin with this choice. 


With access to both Daemon and Arcanite items, plus all the items from the realm artefacts, we have plenty of choice when it comes to teching our Shamans. 
Here are a few of the ones I feel are the most relevant. 

Arcanite Items:

Once per battle you can drink and roll three dice to cast and unbind, taking the highest two until the end of the phase.
If you don’t have many other wizards, this maybe a consideration. But if you must use an item from Tzeentch, I prefer the one below.

Windthief Charm:
Once per battle, the bearer can move twice as far and count as flying while doing so. Nice for strategic repositioning and as per FAQ can only be used at the start of the Movement phase.
Very useful late game, where you could to fly up to 46″ (start your move near a Great Bray Shaman and run 6″ plus 2″ from Chronomantic Cogs) and summon blue Horror 12″ away to grab objectives the other side of the board.
In fact any turn you could steal an objective like this maybe useful. 

Daemonic Items:

Aura of Mutability:
All your Tzeentch Daemon units within 3″ of the Hero get re-rolls of 1’s to wound. This works for shooting so put your Hero near big Horror units or Flamer units to allow them to wound more. Keep in mind that these work on the Tzaangor Skyfires and Enlightened as well, since thanks to their Discs, they count as Daemons.

Cursed Ichor:
Whenever your Hero suffers a wound, on a 2+ a random enemy unit within 1″ of them takes a mortal wound too. Good for a suicide bomb Hero to run at an enemy Hero you want dead and blow both of em up.

With 6 wounds on our profile and move 16″, this is the funnest item you could use to suicide bomb into an important enemy hero for lols. 

Wellspring of Arcane Might:
Tzeentch Daemons within 9″ of the Hero re-roll 1’s to cast. Keep in mind that Horrors and Gaunt Summoners are Tzeentch Daemons, too. Also helps to make sure a Lord of Change pretty much never fails a casting roll.

Aspect of Tzeentch:
While this Hero is on the field, any time you use a Destiny Dice for anything while he is on the field, you roll a D6, on a 6 you get a new one right back. Too unreliable for my cup of tea. 

Realm Items:

Not being particularly suited to melee, it’s no surprise I wouldn’t recommend any of the Realm artefact weapon choices. Below are some I feel would be worth exploring. 

Gryph-feather Charm:

-1 to hits targeting the bearer, and +1″ to movement. 
Handy if you are expecting to see mild ranged threats, stacks with ‘look out sir’ and or Geminids (a popular choice in Tzeentch builds) for a total of up to -3 to hit. 


Stops enemy Artefacts of power within 3″ from working.
Great way to deal with Dopplganger Cloak, thanks to your swift move, you’ll be able to charge your Shaman in with a unit of Enlightend and teach that netlisting FEC Dragon a lesson. 

Ignax’s Scales:

Negate mortal wounds on a 4+.
Most threats to your Shaman, on balance I would say are from mortal wounds from spells. Solid choice to keep you in the fight longer. 

Doppelganger Cloak:

The bearer cannot be chosen as the target of an attack with melee weapons unless the bearer has made attacks earlier in that phase. It has been FAQ‘ed to be only usable once per battle.

Use your swift move to keep a big melee threat like a Mawcrusher out of the game for crucial combat phase. 

Of all these options, I think I like the Windthief Charm or Ignax Scales the best. 


Being a Tzeentchian wizard, it’s only right we should be spoilt for choice when it comes to our spells. We have the added advantage of once again being an Arcanite and Daemon hero (that Disc is really putting in the mileage value wise). 
Unless you’ve selected the Command Trait allowing for an additional spell (you haven’t though right?), we can pick 1 for each Shaman in our army , below are the ones I’d consider for our Shamanic Disc surfer. 

Lore of Fate:

Bolt of Tzeentch:

Pretty high casting value of 8, but D6 Mortal Wounds at 18″ is boss AF.

Just make sure your caster has some way of making the casting easier on himself, though. Arcane Sacrifice, Souldraught, the Tzaangor Shaman‘s energy drink, are all great ways to make use of this excellent spell.
We’ve seen above how you can combo this with a Balewind Vortex for some serious support hero sniping. 

Glimpse the Future:

Roll a dice and add that to your Destiny Dice pool. Considering how bloody useful Destiny Dice are, it should come as no surprise that the spell that gives you more has a high casting value of 7 and, even without the First Rule of One, is restricted to one per turn.
Still worth it, somewhere in your army. .

Treacherous Bond:

Exactly what the Shaman wants. The casting value is 6. This one is basically a “Look Out, Sir” of 2+ for the caster. The unit receiving the hits can stand up to 18″ away when the spell is cast. So now you can toss your Gaunt Summoner into range for his scary spell and not worry about repercussions. Pick a unit of Pink Horrors with this spell. Let them tank hits and fill up nearby Blue Horror units with their deaths, then, in the Battleshock Phase, Destiny Dice a 1 into their Battleshock and get D6 Horrors right back via their banner.

Lore of Change:

Fold Reality:

The spell casts on a 7+. Roll a D6, on a 2+, you add that many slain models to a friendly Tzeentch daemon unit.
On a 1, however, the whole unit is slain. 
I’d take this in any build that had Pink or blue Horrors, then at least if they are slain upon rolling a 1, you’d get the summoning points. 
Or with any build containing Kairos for the reasons above. 

Tzeentch’s Inferno:

Casting value 9 18″ range. Roll 9 D6, each 6 generates D3 mortal wounds. On average, that’s 3 mortal wounds. If Bolt of Change is being taken elsewhere, another damage dealing spell is a good option. 

Endless Spells:

Our Shaman is also a Beast of Chaos and may cast their Endless Spell! 2 are worth considering realistically. 

Doomblast Dirgehorn: 

Subtract 1 from hit rolls for attacks made by units within 3″ of this model. Beast of Chaos models are not affected. Grows by 3″ at the start of each battle round. This one is pretty damn cool but comes with the problem of having a casting value of 6 and thus being fairly easy to dispel.

On the other hand, it presents the opponent with the interesting dilemma of either wasting his casting attempts to dispel it or letting it get bigger and bigger.

Best used in Phantasmagoria (see battalions) or Tzaangor heavy builds. Use with Geminids and really neuter your opponents damage out put. 

Balefire Taurus: 

Low cast of a 6. It moves (including straight away) 12″ a turn, has the Fly keyword and deploys wholly with 12″.
Anything it moves over or ends within 1″ of it takes D3 mortal wounds, and if the unit has more than ten models, it takes D6 mortal wounds instead.
Furthermore, Units it damages must fight last at the end of any Combat Phase.
Now your Tzeentch minions can take part in the activation wars. 



The Shaman can be taken in the 2 battalions below and the mega battalions available in Tzeentch.
I don’t think the mega battalions are much cop, but the 2 below are worth exploring, in particular, the Phantasmagoria of Fate. 

Arcanite Cabal:

(180 pts)  
3-9 Magisters, Fatemasters or Tzaangor Shamans, in any combination.

If you use Destiny Dice for models of this Battalion, you have a 50% chance of recycling the Dice and if they stick close to each other, they can cast an additional spell in each friendly Hero Phase. What is interesting about this is that the Fatemaster isn’t a Wizard, but the wording reads as though he gets a spell as well… Either way, the Magisters and the Shamans really love both of these abilities. The Magister gets more chances of rolling doubles and casting even more and the Tzaangor Shaman has a wonderful opportunity to make the most out of his one-use ability.

A fun thing you can do here is use two matching destiny dice on your Magister to guarantee an additional spell casting and potentially get them both back. If you have him cast Glimpse of Fate with double fours, you statistically break even on destiny dice, while gaining fate points and getting more chances of 1s or 6s on your DD. Repeat until you are out of spells to cast, which could be a while thanks to realm and endless spells.

Phantasmagoria of Fate:

(200 pts) ) 
1-4 combination of any Beast of Chaos Hero; 3-9 combination of Bestigors, Gors, Tzaangors, Ungors, Ungor Raiders; 0-9 combination of Bullgors, Centigors, Dragon Ogors, Tzaangor Enlightened, Tzaangor Skyfires, Tuskgor Chariots; 0-2 combination of Cygors or Ghorgons.

From the Beasts of Chaos Battletome but since it gives all units the Tzeentch keyword you can use it. Non-wizards in the battalion can unbind spells within 9″ as if they were wizards. Also grants you access to a larger selection of Beastmen not traditionally found in Tzeentch rosters. 

A great way to create a 1 drop list, which are becoming increasingly rare at the table. 


Move into scenery to benefit from the cover as often as is sensible.  A 5 up save is naff after all. 

Arcane, Commanding and Healing are the best terrains to head for, for obvious reasons. (if they aren’t obvious, why are you reading this rather than the rule book?)

How to Use the Unit in Game

Early doors, you have such great movement you can deploy safely behind your front lines and move quickly and stay out of harms ways. 
Keep near your units of various types of Tzaangor to make the most of the buffs available and add Tzaangor models to units that have engaged the enemy using your warscroll spell later in the game. 

Casting Treacherous Bond to one of your larger screening units or Horrors (this could help create summoning points for Blue Horrors, if you manage to pass off any wounds to this unit also), will keep you around much longer and make up for your awful saving throw of 5+. These casualties could also be replenished with Fold Reality from another caster later in the game, or a Battleshock roll of a 1 in your Pink Horrors case. 

Your high speed will also come in handy, as a great way to deploy your summoned units, especially late game, where you will have presumably removed some of your opponents models/units. With fly and access to a double move from Windthief Charm, you can cover a lot of ground and claim objectives with clever summoning placements. 

Hobby Notes

Sample list

Do like or leave a comment with any of your own ideas, it would be most appreciated. 

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