At 260 points the Verminlord Warpseer is the second cheapest of the six Verminlords available. He works well as a support hero, though has a decent chance at doing some damage if he ends up in combat. With the scrying-orb he is possibly the most durable Verminlord. His command ability summons 3D6 Giant Rats within 13″ of him and his spell can shut down enemy charges.

In-Game Guide

Verminlords, while they are big scary monsters, are not combat tanks by any means. The Warpseer can do damage when he is in combat (3+/2+/-1/3 Damage), but he doesn’t like being hit. His 3″ range in combat is key. Keep him behind a screen of clanrats and only move him into combat when he can strike without being hit back. 

The Warscroll

Scrying Orb (Ability)

Re-roll failed save rolls while the Warpseer holds this. Once per game you can throw this at a unit within 13″. Throwing the orb does D6 Mortal Wounds, unless the target has a move of 5″ or less, in which case it will do 6MW. This is fantastic for deleting small heros (Stormcast wizards especially). Save it for the right moment as you will lose your save re-roll when this is thrown.

Doom Glaive (Melee Weapon)

3″ range, 3+/3+/-1, Damage 3. Quite a choppy stick that can do serious damage when it goes through. The 3″ range is fantastic and, if positioned correctly (behind clanrats usually), allows you to attack an enemy without them being able to reach you.

Forth-forth, Children of the Horned Rat! (Command Ability)

Possibly his standout feature is his ability to summon 3D6 Giant Rats by spending a command point. The unit has to be deployed within (not wholly within) 13″ and more than 9″ away from enemies.

This ability can be absolutely fantastic. Use it to screen your units, to reach out and tag objectives, or to keep enemy units busy. Since there is a maximum of 18 rats per unit, they won’t get their bonuses and won’t be good in combat, but you’re not expecting them to kill anything. Use them to zone out the board and trigger your opponent multiple times per game.

Allegiance Abilities

Since you can’t field a Masterclan army he will likely be Mixed Chaos (or allied to a Skaven Clan). Don’t forget the Unbridled Malice (Unpredictable Destruction) roll to give him a potential +1 to hit in combat.


In a mixed Chaos Skaven army he is a great candidate for the Crown of Conquest (6″ battleshock immunity bubble). The large base size makes the bubble very large and allows you to spread your meatshields out a bit more. Re-rolling failed saves makes him that much more survivable. He is, however, susceptible to being shot since he is very large and hard to hide.

Aetherquartz Brooch (regain a spent command point on a 5+) is great if you are spamming Giant Rat summoning.


The Warpseer can cast two spells and unbind one

Howling Warpgale

Cast on a 6. Pick an enemy unit. That unit cannot run or fly. Charge rolls are halved. The unit takes D3 mortal wounds or 3 if it can Fly.

This spell is extremely useful at shutting down enemy threats and preventing them from charging into your back line. Cast it on a flying unit that’s threatening to charge over your meatshield and into your heroes. Even on non-flying units, having to roll double the distance you need to charge is extremely debilitating.

Combo this with Soulsnare Shackles (this unit can cast twice, after all) to make an enemy potentially half move, half charge and cannot run, or cast it, then stick the Prismatic Palisade down to force your opponent to spend extra movement getting into position.

There is also a realm spell causes -2 to charge rolls. Combo these to make even a 3″ charge require an 8 on the dice.

How to Use the Unit in Game

Verminlords (like all Skaven heroes) lead from the back. Keep him behind a wall of chaff, but in range to Howling Warpgale threats and throw his orb at heroes. He slowly moves up with your meatline, throwing down units of Giant Rats to protect the rear and flanks, or to capture objectives and tie up enemy units.

You want your opponent to have to try and kill Giant Rats while the rest of your army does what it does. If they ignore the Giant Rats then move them onto objectives.

Keep him out of combat as much as possible. Only put him in if you have to, or if he is sure to wipe out his target. If he is definitely going to die, try and throw the Orb at something before he drops.

Pros & Cons


Howling Warpgale

Giant Rat summoning

Re-roll failed Saves


Not super-durable

Susceptible to shooting

Is reliant on dice rolls to do well

Hobby Notes

Put the head on last, after you’ve painted around the neck and shoulders.

Honest Goblin

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