Hey folks, 


So the whirlwind of the sound mission has occurred over the past few days is I just wanted to update everyone on what, why and how any money raised will be used. First ill explain the problem i’m trying to solve.


When we do live coverage of events we always use a person at the side of the table to gather information and report it to the commentators. We call this role the Tableboss, communication between them and the Commentary team is always a little difficult and we’ve had to invest heavily in wireless mic packs and roving headsets for communication. This is because for the commentators to take in the information In fact sound might be the area we have spent the most money which honestly wasn’t what i was expecting initially. We learn and grow though which is important and delivering quality sound to the audience has been and is a driving force for ages now. The issue is that usually the events are in noisy rooms or compact areas ( not likely in the future ) so we’ve had to solve these issues with tech and sound. 


Now, we have been able to record games independent of our live coverage for a while but never also capture audio too as it has the same issue that the Tableboss has. It has to be mobile, but excellent sound. There are a lot of techy issues here which, if you are a good sound guy you know and if not basically its too noisy. 


So we spoke to a super talented sound engineer called Matthew and after laughing at us for how cheap we wanted to do it he set out a plan. So the plan is to use radio beltpacks and headsets going to a receiver. This way we can ensure really good quality and minimal background noise.


Why do we want to capture player sound especially when we’ve always said it’s worthless? 

Here we hit the biggest problem live coverage is going to hit over the next few years. Quality is now going to come and a really high price. One extra camera angle is now £2k plus so there is a balancing act of what we think the audience wants and what we can afford. Capturing player audio though is something people have asked for but most importantly it allows us to do post match analysis really really well. It means we create another type of content while making the live coverage. So as an investment i think its amazing because it adds so much to what we do. Wanna hear how the pros speak about the game at the table? Want to hear the moment of elation as it turns into horror all while being recorded with the game so you can watch it from their perspective. So this doesn’t add to live coverage but expands beyond it after. Allows us to capture more and provide a richer story. Its also more content for the content gods! 


So what are we aiming to get?

We are getting 8 of these


Thanks to the generosity of The Honest Wargamer #GrotGang we have already raised enough for 2. The super series will have 8 players playing a total of 1 matches over the day so if you want to hear 12 games at quality audio levels then you can help support us here. If you don’t want to or cant we want to thank you for any support you’ve ever shown us. We know we are trying to build something really special and its the first of its kind in the world so thank you!

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Honest Goblin

United Kingdom