Honest Goblin


NYC Warhammer

NYC Warhammer

My Bio:

Helping to keep the tabletop gaming spirit alive in Manhattan! Mainly focused on Age of Sigmar but dabble in most of the other games. Come to the 8th Street Warhammer Store (Saturdays are great!) and the Compleat Strategist right near the Empire State Building on 33rd street (THORSday Nights!) and throw some dice down with us! 

Gaming style:

There is nothing like playing on a fantastic looking tabletop with two gorgeously painted armies. If you can have a glass of beer in your hand and chit-chat about tactics and combos, even better! I love playing against a clever opponent, and lucky for me there are a lot of good players in the area! 

Event Results:

I've won local events, and done OK at some larger events like NOVA (I was at table two in round 5 of last NOVA with a PURE Night Haunt list, losing to the winner of the event.) My main source of pride is I have beaten NYC area gamers that are some of the top players in the country - I like to think of myself as their trainer, getting them ready for the big stage. I love to play against filthy lists and find their weaknesses. I also love to come up with unusual combinations for my lists, and I hope to share some of my interesting and successful lists here! 

Rundowns by David Schmitz