Honest Goblin


Measured Gaming

My Bio:

I am the Overlord of Measured Gaming in Bendigo Victoria, Australia. I got the title by my mates joking around about my leadership in the club and its stuck since then. 

I love my Slaanesh, Stormcast and now Beasts of Chaos.

You can find me on twitter, facebook and rambling on a podcast 'bush radio'.

Gaming style:

This is a tough question to answer. I have been doing very well with fast agro/bully builds (slaanesh) and control lists with brayherd heavy BoC.

Event Results:

I've been on the competitive scene since the start of 2018.

Notable events:

Cancon 2018 - 8th with vanguard wing

Measured club champs - 1st with Slaanesh 

Bendigo's bush bash bonanza - 2nd with Slaanesh 

Cancon 2019 - 4th with classic Beasts of Chaos

Battle of the Northern Realms - 1st place with hedonites of Slaanesh

I've also won a few 1 dayers and smaller point events with various armies.

Rundowns by Joel Mcgrath