It’s almost time for the Worlds Champions Event

The invitations have been sent, players have been contacted and the format has been announced. The tSports Champions Event: Worlds will be kicking off on the 2nd of July for what we hope will be a weekend of great games and brilliant coverage.

Just like with the UK event, as we get closer to the start, we will be posting and sharing a number of interesting insights, from how the players involved have done over the first season of Age of Sigmar 3rd Edition to reviewing the lists once they’ve been submitted.

Resources and Information

In the run-up to the event taking place, we will share information about who will be attending, the Tournament Pack that will be used and the Battleplans that will be employeed across the 5 rounds.

As these become available, links to the documents will be included here.

As always, if there are any questions about the information provided or the event overall, please feel free to contact us at

Information Links

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