The Honest Wargamer Workbook

Initially, this is a man called Rob’s attempt to standardise the language with which we all talk to each other in wargaming and to make you a better gamer. Incredibly egotistical of me and a gross overestimation of my writing ability, but here we are. Personally, I assume there are better gamers and informers, but I’ve been flirting around this idea for 4 years of producing content, from Bravery One, creating Warhammer Live and now The Honest Wargamer. I hope you find this useful; you read through the book and work through the questions and hopefully arrive at a better way to approach the game.

This isn’t finished, this is version one (my ego’s defence for the inevitable internet diss fest). Working with a small group of people to get this together. If you think it needs improving then let me know. I want to collaborate, I want to make this definitive, I want nothing more than to improve what I hope is this groundwork. It’s freely available, steal parts, review them, improve them, criticise how it’s wrong and show better work so the community improves. It would be lovely if you were to reference this.