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AoS Stats are Back! – December 2023

Age of Sigmar Stats return!

Its been 6 months or so since we have published out own stats. There is a list of reasons for that but we are happy to finally bring you up-to-date data for the General’s Handbook 23-24. The plan is to keep this updated each month, track trends and arm you with the best information for your games.

Video Review

Rob does a deep-dive of our new stats!

Overall General’s Handbook 23-24 Statistics

These are the win rates for all the armies since the Launch of this GHB. Personally, I don’t think it’s enough to only use this data, but it is a start in understanding the meta game.

Meta representation (or meta rep) is very important for much needed context on win rates. Larger player-bases have larger skill expression distribution and so if a faction has a high meta rep and also a high win rate it can show a major issue with the game.

We’ve broken our Faction vs Faction comparison down into two images to make it more digestible. Find your faction on the left to compare it’s win rate against factions on the right.

Battleplan Win Rates

Battle plan win rates are important because and a great way to encourage tournament organisers to change up what plans are played. More diverse battleplan picks can drastically change win rates for certain factions. Our data shows that it is perhaps worth discounting any of the results from The Frigid Zephyr and Towers in the Tundra as the data set is too shallow.

General’s Handbook 23-24 Month on Month Statistics

Combined, these charts really help show the effect that the Battlescroll update has had on the meta rep and win rates for armies. Big Waagh! gaining and OBR losing out.

Andtorian Locus Statistics

While this stat shows 2 armies over our Goldilocks Zone (45-55%), the real issue here is the armies below 45%. I’d love to see major buffs to Sylvaneth, Nighthuant and Hedonites of Slaanesh to help bring them inline.

This is where the real spice of the stats are located, in our opinions! Most armies have a “pro” build and it’s those we really should rate armies on, and discuss balance changes to. These builds often rely on the synergies that come from a certain subfaction, so where that subfaction has the highest win rate and largest meta representation within their faction it’s clear there can be potential for balance issues. As you can see, Nurgle is a real problem at the moment (the Glotkin build) and Idoneth (the Shark Build).

Player Standings

We don’t have the player stats up and running yet, but we do have some insight into the hardest working players in the world and it’s unsurprising to see the top name. The man who hates to lose, Tom Guan!