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tSN Age of Sigmar GT Stats & Player Rankings

Since the start of Age of Sigmar 3, we have been gathering information from around the world from GT* level events to track and understand how the meta is evolving and what impact new Battletomes, Battlescrolls Updates and General’s Handbooks have.

Along side this, we have also been producing Player Rankings to measure how well players are performing by looking at their best 6 performances at events within a 12-month season.

If you are interested in looking through the data, tracking your favourite factions or seeing how players in your local area (and around the world) are doing, check out our dashboards below!

Age of Sigmar Meta Stats

Desktop View

Mobile View

Age of Sigmar Player Rankings

Desktop View

Mobile View

2 thoughts on “tSN Age of Sigmar GT Stats & Player Rankings

  1. Can you put a link to the stats in the main navigation like the old site? They are really hard to find now.

    Thanks for all your efforts! 😀

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