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World Championships Meta Analysis

What are the AoS Worlds?

We’re thrilled to be covering the Age of Sigmar Worlds Team Championships in Amsterdam 31st May – 4th June! The AOS Worlds, also known as the Age of Sigmar Worlds Team Championship, is a top-tier global team competition for Games-Workshop’s Warhammer: Age of Sigmar game. Founded and organised by fans, this event aims to unite enthusiasts from around the world in a high-quality tournament where only the strongest team can claim the coveted title of World Champion of AoS each year.

What We’ll be Doing

As the official media partner of AoS Worlds, tSports Network has a full slate of videos and streams for you, featuring our expert analysis and coverage and also hype streams to get you excited for the biggest event of the year.

In our first video we got to work analysing the meta created by list submissions this week. Check it out here:

AoS Worlds Meta Analysis

This year, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to try to visualise and explain all the important stats in the lead up to the event. First up, we’ve got an overview of the countries participating. Each team is bringing 8 players, and with each team only allowed up to one list of any faction, it creates an interesting meta and some unusual lists that you’d be unlikely to see at a singles event, as well as some of the most competitive choices you’d expect to see in the latest meta:

List Meta Analysis

The Factions

And now for an overview of the lists on show! Gloomspite Gitz lead the way at the event, closely followed by Kharadron Overlords, Lumineth Realmlords and Disciples of Tzeentch. As you’d Expect, Grand Alliance Order and Grand Alliance Chaos hold the lion’s share of faction representation.

Drop Count

Other a third of lists at this year’s event are a single drop, one-fifth are two, and then there’s a distribution among other drop counts.

Sub-faction Breakdown

Time to track down the most represented sub-factions. Some factions at AoS Worlds have an obvious choice of sub-faction, while others are fairly evenly distributed amongst 3 or 4. Find your faction in the slideshow below:

Picking out some fun lists!

Our chief-analyst Rob selected a few of the more unique, or powerful lists on display to run through in the analysis video, just to get across the breadth of list building ideas on display at AoS Worlds. For his analysis, please check out the video above or at the tSport Network YouTube channel, but for the raw images, please check out the slideshow here, and feel free to download and share with credit:

Thanks for checking out this article, and we look forward to seeing you back for the rest of our coverage on the event! As always, we’re only able to make content like this for you thanks to the support of our wonderful Patrons over at The Honest Wargamer Patreon, so we’d love it if you’d consider joining us there, where you’ll be able to take advantage of bonus coverage, interviews, gaming supplies, STLs and more. See you soon!