Faction Tokens


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A full range of numbered 40mm objective tokens that we’re printing in high-quality resin in-house, to bring even more theming to your army and your table. Each set contains 8 unique tokens, with either numbers or clever faction-based pips.

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Objective Rings (no faction tokens), Snake Elf Sisters, Oathbreakers, Sea Elves, Elves of Light, Lizardfolk, Swamp Orcs, Ratfolk, Forest Dryads, Airship Dwarves, Slaves to Chaos, Vampire Lords, Ogres, Court of Cannibalism, Fire Dwarves, Giants, Thundercast Immortals, Goblins, Bone Constructs, City Citizens, Armoured Orcs, Night Ghosts, Warriors of Decay, Knives of Blood, Followers of Change, Heathens of Pleasure