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Gaming Strikes Back Event Recap

This weekend we threw another awesome Star Wars Shatterpoint event at the tSN Arena. Our next one is in Febuary, so consider coming along and joining in the fun!

We had 6 players visiting the venue and while the numbers were small, I’m happy that for such a new game with a relatively small player-base we got enough people for a great event. We’re Excited to see more in the future as the game develops and grows. We had free drinks, mince pies and soup all day! The soup, in particular, was a big hit!

Count Dooku and Darth Maul show us what they’re made of!

If you have never played Shatterpoint, we think you are missing out! To play at an event you need two strike teams. That’s just two boxes, equalling about 8 miniatures.

We didn’t have any paint requirements, however all the strike teams were fully painted which was awesome to see.

Let’s take a look at the strike teams people brought and talk about the players!!

The Players


This is Elliot he is awesome and he brought 2 strike teams of droids. Droid builds have lots of out of sequence activations backed up by a very aggressive Primary in General Grevious!!

As you can see he does lots of damage in melee and had no ranged attack while in Quad Arm Attack stance.

But the secret power is the multiple activations you can can get thanks to Kalani

Elliot ended up winning the event thanks to the first tie breaker, which was how many characters you wounded. He won 3 games tying with Adam and Myself.


Adam was running Windu and Luminara in a crazy fragile but fast build.


Asperon was running Cad Bane and the Bounty hunters which were murderous but not as murderous as Darth Maul!


Tobias was running Amidala and the bounty hunters and was taking advantage of the free soup on offer over the course of the event.


Oli was running General Grevious who is very popular in the Meta right now and Dooku which is favourite mini of mine.
I also played as spare player running Talzin and Dooku and had the best time. Shatterpoint is a fantastic game!!

Our host, Rob, wearing a suitably evil and suitably festive jumper

Best sports went to Tobias and Asperon won best painted:

Finally here are some more action shots. Thanks to all the players. It was so fun and I we can’t wait for this fantastic group of players to thrive as the game grows and the number of players to increase!