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Square Based Canada GT Event Recap

This weekend in Welland, Canada at the MiniWargaming Bunker, 30 people took part in an 8th edition Warhammer tournament. It happened over two days and there 5 rounds of solid square-based action.

Organised by Val and Peter the Falcon. It was one of the largest Fantasy events in Canada in several years, using the comp provided by Triple Crown Wargaming.

Our wonderful tournament organisers for the event, Val and Pete

We will talk about the winners and the armies later but for now lets take a look at some amazing action shots from the event.

As you can see the terrain supplied by MiniWargaming was fantastic, they were excellent hosts and if you ever get the chance to game there or hang out with them we encourage it greatly!

However if we are talking about fantastic people the check out these amazing humans attending an event. In some cases it was someone’s first tournament or the first time they were playing fantasy!!


There had to be champions destined for trophies at this amazing event and here are out champs!

In first place with an amazing Ogre Army was Adam Camalleri, winning his last Fantasy event 8 years ago with Ogres and ending the 8-year dearth with a win, beating 3 Bretonnian players and a Wood Elf legend.

He won the coveted Golden Bass and a free trip home to Australia.

In second place we had Lord Blaxil with his Bretonnian lances:

In third place the incredible and sensational, our friend the wonderful Tech Priest Dickie

Best painted went to an amazing Dark Elf army belonging too and presented by the frankly drop dead gorgeous Eric of Eric’s Hobby Workshop!

Best Sports went to the charming and irrepressible Dustin Henshaw:

That wraps up the news from the weekend! However we did have chance to record a podcast about the event during the card ride home and its available now on our Patreon. Check it out here: